Comfortable, Discreet & Absorbent
"My Swoobies are very nice. They
are soft and easy to wash. They
are really helping to prevent the
irritation from my bra."
"I received my Swoobies yesterday I feel so much better.They are made
very generously & I feel wonderful.
Bless you and thanks so very much."
Maxine, SK
Patty, NJ
For wider coverage, use 2 Swoobies side by side. Start each one in the middle of your bra & wrap them around the sides.
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Highly absorbent fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, allowing your skin to breathe.
You do not need to be fitted because Swoobies are one size fits all. They're designed to fit you. Whether you lose or gain weight, Swoobies will adapt and provide you personalized protection.
Swoobies are 55% hemp and 45% cotton. Hemp is naturally antibacterial, breatheable, does not hold odors and is also non allergenic. Hemp's absorbent nature allows it to be very efficient in wicking away
moisture. Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibres, cotton is one of the softest. When mixed, the result is
a more durable and absorbent material, which still retains all the comfort and softness that you expect.
The two layers of fabric that make up each Swoobie are sewn with a 5 stitch industrial serger, ensuring a durable and consistent seam, without creating any uncomfortable bulk. And thanks to thier simple one size fits all design, your Swoobies can very easily be personalized to meet your specific needs. Wash and dry your Swoobies separately at low temperatures.
Swoobies are the practical choice for your breasts as well as the environment. In addition to using minimal packaging, each pack of Swoobies contains 3 large and 3 small reusable pads, allowing you to use them again and again.
Swoobies are safe, soft & durable enough to be worn all day, everyday.
Safe & Comfortable
Unsightly stains and yellowing are reduced, allowing bras to look like new for much longer.
1 pack
"I received my Swoobies several weeks ago & and found they do everything expected. I like them very much. Thanks again."
Diana, U.K.
Swoobies can help any woman feel more comfortable and are ideal for...
"I love them. I'm an elderly person with extremely sensitive skin, and Swoobies allow me to wear all my pretty things without discomfort. I'm happy you exist."
GraceAnne, Bronx, N.Y.
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Susan, Retailer
ON, Canada
2 packs
4 packs
2 layers of soft fabric provide relief, protection and comfort for your sore, irritated breasts.
Effective Relief
Natural Healing
"We love your Swoobies! I had a customer with a raw and oozing open rash from chemo treatments that she had suffered with for almost a year. She had tried all kinds of ointments and treatments but to no avail. When I fit her bra, she asked me to do it over top her cotton camisole. I sold her Swoobies and gave her particular instructions on how to use them. Between a properly fitted bra and her Swoobies, she was all cleared in just over a week. She is tremendously thankful!"
Simply hold a large Swoobie by the corners and then tuck the top edge under the bottom edge of your bra.
Here's just a few testimonials from our customers and retail partners...
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